Leatherette Accessory Organizer Tray for Desk

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  • LEATHERETTE material is common among those who desire high-end, great-quality products. This pen holder is designed with meticulously stitched leatherette material. Available in 3 exquisite bright colors, designed to brighten up your desk. Makes a perfect leather desk organizer. Has a felt-bottom to prevent slipping.
  • VERSATILE at its max! Its perfect size, which fits almost anywhere, makes it a very practical way to sort and store all types of accessories and items, in drawers or shelfs. Can be used at home, perhaps to sort your makeup, eye liner, lipstick or jewelry, and many more…
  • ORGANIZATION is key to keep your desk ready for its daily tasks. Keep your business cards neatly sorted, in this business card holder. No more looking for the pens when you really need them, they’ll be neatly sorted, in front of you, ready to be used.
  • PRACTICAL at its max. Great for teachers, looking for a creative, decorative, way to store accessories, in a closet, drawer, shelf, or on your desk. This pen and pencil holder, will look great anywhere you place it. Great for organizing accessories like, rubber bands and paper clips, to a staple remover, as well as a stapler.
  • CAPABILTY of this drawer accessory tray is unlimited. It has so many different usages, whether at home, school, or at work. Size measures 8L 2¾W 2½H inches.

This desk pen and pencil holder, constructed from faux leather fabric, designed to replicate the feel and texture of leather. It’s a desk organizer must-have, whether for home, office or at work. Its bright colors will instantly illuminate your desk. Can be used as a pen and pencil holder, safety pin/paper-clip holder, rubber-band holder, business card holder, keys holder, USB flash drive holder, a cosmetic makeup holder and many more!! Can be used as a storage cabinet, to organize drawers, cabinets, desks, in your bedroom, homework-room, and almost everywhere!!